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Gin poster, 49 selected botanicals, black and white, format: A2
Language: English
How do we visualise what we can otherwise only taste? We asked ourselves this question when creating the gin poster. The gin poster therefore shows 49 illustrations of the most common gin botanicals. As this was not enough for us, we also developed a digital world on the subject of gin in addition to the poster. The QR code sticker included (which you can stick on or next to the poster) provides detailed information on the respective botanical and shows which botanical is contained in which gin.But what are botanicals? You have to know how gin is produced.Gin production consists of a two-stage process. A neutral spirit is used as the base, which is flavoured with botanicals (berries, roots, fruits, herbs and spices) through redistillation. Botanicals are thus the flavour notes of a gin. Colour: black and white Poster size: A2 (42,0 x 59,4cm) Language: German or English Material: The poster is made of RecyStar® Polar offset paper with a matt, uncoated surface, produced from 100 % recycled fibres and certified with the Blue Angel. The outer packaging is made of EUTR-compliant paper from legal logging or 100% recycled paper. Scope of delivery: The poster comes in a black roll without a frame or poster strip! 

Sowing and planting calendar for the garden, sowing times for 64 different types of vegetables as a poster
Language: Dutch | Size: 30x40cm
With 64 illustrations of the most common vegetable varieties in our gardens, the Seed Calendar shows when you have to start preplanting for which variety or whether you can do without preplanting and sow the seeds directly into the ground. A simple legend tells you not only when to plant and sow, but also when the vegetables are in season and can be harvested. So that nothing is left to chance, you will also find information about germination temperatures and the germination period. Short and to the point and everything at a glance on your poster.Every fruit has its time. If you grow and plant your own food, you know where it comes from, and if you eat seasonally, you not only eat healthier but also in a more environmentally friendly way. That is why we prefer to enjoy our fruit and vegetables fresh and at the right time.When gardening, it pays to take the right steps at the right time. Only if they are successful can the seed grow into a strong plant. Often, the journey of growth begins with preplanting or protected planting under glass. This is done in a greenhouse, for example, and helps plants that need even heat and moisture to develop. For some varieties, sowing in the ground is a must. Sometimes, however, transplanting the pre-cultivated or purchased young plants also leads to the desired growth spurt. Harvesting is only enjoyable when the right degree of ripeness has been reached. If you wait for the perfect moment, all your efforts will pay off. Enjoy your meal! A timeless design and the permanent validity of the calendar bring design and sustainability in harmony in an uncomplicated way. Unlike many other planting and sowing calendars, ours is still very beautiful and a perfect gift for any hobby gardener, mum, dad, grandpa, grandma or just for yourself. Information about this article:Poster size: 30 x 40 cmColour: with colouring. Our organic inks are 100% vegetable oil-based and mineral oil-free.Materials: we only use recycled paper made from 100% recycled fibres.Electricity: Energy is precious, so we use smart thermostats and electricity from renewable sources in our office and productionClimate neutral: Our posters are printed and sent in a climate-neutral mannerPackaging: The poster is rolled in tissue paper and placed in a "Kniffpak" shipping tube. This means that we do not use any plastic at allScope of delivery: The poster can be ordered with or without a frame or with a poster strip!Delivery time: 2-3 days

Seasonal calendar for fruit and vegetables in colour (A2)
Language: Dutch
There are tomatoes in the summer and cabbages in the winter. So far, everything goes well. But many people don't know any better. But every fruit has its time. Eating in season is not only healthier, but also more environmentally friendly. That is why we prefer to enjoy our fruit and vegetables fresh and at the right time.The seasonal calendar contains 64 colour illustrations of the most common Central European fruit and vegetables. A legend not only tells you when they are in season, but also the recommended storage temperature. In short, everything is in your kitchen at a glance.A timeless design and the lasting validity of the calendar make it easy to combine design and durability. Information about this article:The seasonal calendar contains 64 illustrations of the most common Central European fruit and vegetables. A seasonal calendar shows in a clear and concise way which fruit and vegetables are in season, i.e. those that have just been harvested.We produce sustainable print products in the beautiful Rhineland region.We use 100% recycled fibres and do not use plastic for packaging and shipping.Poster size: A2 (42.0 x 59.4 cm)The poster is delivered without frame or with poster strip!